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Conscious Sensuality Practitioner and Facilitator Training - 2021

Do you imagine yourself working as a well-paid professional who guides others into greater awareness, health, pleasure and empowerment?

Are you Interested in learning effective and practical approaches that involve meditation, yoga, interpersonal communication, touch rituals, as well as sexual awareness and empowerment work?

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION There is a significant and rising demand for professionals who can model and guide others in Conscious Sensuality which is an integrated approach of coaching and counseling that includes touch rituals, emotional healing and communication practices. This training is suitable for those who are currently practicing in the fields of sensuality and sexuality, coaching, counseling, dance and yoga.

To become a competent practitioner, this program offers a unique holistic approach by focusing on our emotional and physical bodies through practices that bring us into the present moment with awareness, pleasure, power and confidence. Sensuality and sexuality are key aspects of a healthy, mature human being.

This training program brings to light the potent alchemy of masculine and feminine leadership qualities. In uniting these two aspects, everyone, regardless of gender, can develop their ability to lead through modeling, inspiration, facilitation and direction.

CURRICULUM & SCHEDULE The Practitioner Training Program covers the concepts introduced in the Conscious Sensuality courses Levels I and II, deepening understanding by exploring a greater range of exercises and rituals, investigating a methodology of approaches from a practitioner/leadership standpoint, as well as having opportunities to practice skills with individuals, couples and groups.

Areas of focus: -Identification of goals and vision -Clarification and articulation of boundaries -Website, social media, advertising and promotion -Client Intake and Interview -Basic Outline and format of sessions -Giving, receiving, witnessing sessions -Traveling sessions -Creating a home temple space -Legal and financial issues


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