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In addition to founding the Institute for Conscious Sensuality, Robert has founded the Lolia Place Ecovillage and the Hawaii Tantra Festival.  Robert has taught with many of the leading sacred sexuality teachers around the world such as Deborah Anapol, Margot Anand, Ananda Sarita, Betty Martin and many others. He also provides conscious sensuality coaching, training and mentoring via phone/email/in person. He is a nature lover, and master gardener, and was appointed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. as a Riverkeeper.

He has worked in the fields of environmental activism, and political organizing with the Sierra Club, is a certified permaculture designer, and co-founded La’akea Community, an intentional community and environmental education center in Hawai’i. He has a background in Zen Buddhist meditation, yoga, Re-Evaluation Counseling, and Non-Violent Communication. He brought these aspects together in creating the Lolia Place Ecovillage where he provided a framework of sustainable living involving beautiful spaces, permaculture gardens, spiritual cultivation, and perhaps most importantly – a community grounded in conscious communication and intimacy practices.

Who Is Robert Silber?


Conscious Sensuality Testimonials

I have had a couple of spontaneous experiences where the training I have received from Robert Silber has come to the fore.  One night at a party I hugged a woman I had just met.  The initial hug led into a spontaneous emotional healing session using voice and touch, and she later told me that she would have killed herself that night if it hadn’t been for me.  Not long afterward I had a similar experience with another woman who had rape trauma come up during the experience that I helped her release.


– Dane Dormio, San Diego


I can’t thank Robert enough for his presence during our Conscious Sensuality session. I told him what I wanted and he showed up for me in a truly healing and powerful way. He helped me to untangle the knots in my sexuality; he didn’t let me get away with less than my fullest display of femininity and integrity. I came out a different woman. Since our session has integrated into my being, I have felt more powerful, in my body, juicier, more radiant, and in touch with my deepest desires and wants. I highly recommend his work. Robert is filling a true need in our world- conscious, clean, clear, and fun sexuality. In gratitude...


– Maggie Marie, Yoga Teacher, Asheville, North Carolina


Are you interested in diving deeper within yourself, uncovering more of who you are, and undoing layers of what you think you know, in order to be more comfortable with the unknown. Robert Silber offers great bodywork and presence. He has helped me to expand my capacity to feel and integrate within myself the curious and playful child that I AM. His touch brought me joy and also his presence brought me more awareness of where and when I hold on or resist joy. This is very helpful! His compassionate and loving presence was helpful for me to let go, to cry, to enjoy, and to be as I am in the moment. He was professional enough to trust, friendly, and warm enough to embrace talking honestly with. He makes for a great mentor.”


– Paloma – Spiritual Wellness Coach


My session with Robert really created a shift in my inner state. I had just been through a relationship breakup and had been looping in some really dark feelings towards my partner. It was really holding me back from moving on. Robert held space for me to really touch into my deeper feelings and anger and hatred towards my x. In my daily life, I wasn’t really allowing myself to go into the deeper layers of the feelings so I was staying on the surface and looping in my head. Upon releasing them through the container of the session, the constant thinking and looping stopped, and I actually opened up to another deep and loving relating. Robert is a skilled and focused facilitator, i am so grateful to him for his work.


– Leyolah Antara, Ubud Bali


Your workshops were powerful and transformative! Your leadership and guidance are clear and strong!  You gave us a safe space to experiment and expand! You bring tons of kindness, power, and clarity to what you do! A real gift to know you!  


– Francisco Bujan, Switzerland


Robert has an exceptional gift in the field of awakening the Yoni through conscious touch. Any woman who cares about expanding her sensual and orgasmic capacity will benefit from working with him. He creates a safe, nurturing space where a woman can open into deep let go, and awe, discovering the multi-petaled lotus of ecstasy as embodied in her Yoni. And of course, men will also benefit greatly, learning from Robert the subtle art of pleasuring a woman.


- Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Author, and Tantra Teacher


Robert is a highly intuitive individual who sees beyond what is presented to him…his facilitator skills are superior because of his heightened awareness, and ease of character. He is comfortable in his own skin so therefore holds space in a greater capacity. This makes me feel safe and at ease in his workshops. His bodywork took me to places that opened new doors of perception and openness in a clear and direct way. Robert’s honesty and integrity really demonstrate his commitment to this work.


- P. Mackie Auckland, NZ


I feel so satisfied to have learned many new things..known new nice and unique people..and now have a richer perspective.  More trust and more surrender..will bring more authenticity and sincerity to relationships..and there is nothing richer than this...


- Esra, Istanbul Turkey


Wow, I feel like I just came back from another dimension after receiving a session from Robert!  He maintained total presence at all times. As the session progressed I was sinking into deeper and deeper states of bliss. Then I felt what seemed like electricity currents coursing through my body and an amazing powerful energy moved right through me. My intention was to exorcise a life-long destructive pattern from my life and I am certain now it is gone. It was an incredible, indescribable experience and one I believe every woman should have at least once.”


– Polina K, Russia


Thank you Robert for an amazing powerful potent and heart opening Conscious sensuality workshop….the effects are still rippling through me now, moving, melting, releasing, and opening me to more pleasure and connectedness ♥ Namaste


– Anonymous, Australia


There is no doubt in my mind how transformative conscious sensuality is in my life. Robert’s work has absolute integrity and I am deeply changed in myself. The most important thing in this life is to know who and what our needs are. I know who I am and what I need to do in my life and it has taken me 38 years to do so. To be so clear and decisive feels amazing! Not only do I feel incredible I also have a positive effect on those surrounding me. This work is so vital to our planetary healing process and my project is now grounded that I can take practical steps towards implementation. Robert thanks from the soul and body I am.


 -  Andrew Onto, Australia


I attended your recent Conscious Sensuality seminar in LA.  I just wanted to say what a fantastic seminar it was.  I know it has been over a month, but I am still integrating many of the concepts and the more I integrate the deeper I want to go.  I’d love to continue deepening my understanding.   


–  Lucy Linnaus


The workshop was a great experience for me. I was able to move through a very stuck place and came through content and in bliss. I am so very comfortable in my body and the energy that flows through me feels wonderful.  I pray that all of my relationships include such honesty and willingness to self-reflect. I had fun, got to shed another layer, and best of all, got to be my authentic self in your loving presence. Yay!!!!


- Robert Hartman


Oh what a delicious weekend I had with you! I so appreciate each one of you, in your love, courage, bliss, and how you really showed up for yourself, which supported me to show up even more fully.  I have studied, taught, and done teacher trainings in Tantra/sexual healing….after a 3-year break, I am back in it and cracked right open into it, with you. I am so excited to be back in the flow with this work. As well as self-pleasuring daily again now.  I am ever so grateful for this work, for you, who have been called to it, and was such a beautiful safe group to expand in.

Heather Rhea Dawn


Robert’s that rare combination of raw and refined….he’s as much at home in his sexuality as he is in his heart.  He’s got relaxed hands, a gentle heart, sharp insight, and animal aliveness.  As a practitioner, he makes wise use of all of himself in service to love.

- Robyn Lynn

“Robert has shown me that he is one of a very rare species of masculine; the kind of masculine that is emotional and willing to really work through and process his emotions. He is sensitive and able to respect boundaries and has demonstrated an ability to emotionally hold space and be present in a very generous way.”


– Wakeena Sitka

“I loved our session!  I felt so open, vital, and juicy afterward!!  I appreciate your tender, caring and aware presence…it allowed me to really relax, open and drop into the enjoyment of the sensations I was experiencing in my body.”

– Deborah Maghenher

Robert’s strong and gentle presence is a joy to dance with. With each new invitation to check in with myself, and communicate my authentic desires I found a deeper opening to the presence of my Spirit. I felt held and honored as Goddess I am. If you are seeking a healing exploration of consciousness, sensuality, and clear boundaries Robert is a wonderful choice.


 Kris Ellen, Sacred Sensualist

I participated in one of Robert Silber’s Conscious Sensuality workshops and was greatly impressed by the multi-dimensional experience.  The workshop was fun and light-hearted, yet the information and exercises were substantial and expansive.  As a teacher, Robert is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his subject matter, and very effective at sharing it so that his students understand it.  He creates a safe space and thoughtful experiences that encourage participants to be free and open, to deeply explore themselves and others. The events of the day morphed from fun and playful, to deep and introspective.  With a philosophy of ‘total transparency’, he exemplifies honesty and clear, compassionate communication, and encourages his participants to do the same in the workshop and in life.  He is down-to-earth, loving, and caring, and connects deeply with heart and soul... With his dedication to raising consciousness through intimacy and sensuality, and with such supreme teaching skills, I highly recommend his classes and workshops to anyone interested in learning, growing, and opening to the joys of life.

- Meloney Hudson, Author: Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman

I just wanted to thank you Robert Silber -for being such a powerful healer and presence in my life. I am still growing and expanding from the deep emotional healing work we did together. I am now able to share all of your teachings with each of my clients as well. In doing so, I find myself healing a little more with each session I offer my clients. I feel your words and your loving encouragement reverberate through me as I encourage my own clients to get in touch with their emotional and sexual bodies - as I now realize how interrelated they are (thanks to you.. What's beautiful about this- is that YOU have now become a part of each and every person I am able to guide into healing. Your LIGHT will have an eternal rippling effect on so many people. I love you, I thank you, I honor you, and can’t wait to work with you again!!!

Elaine Caban

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