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Conscious Sensuality - Level 2

Conscious Sensuality - Level 2

Conscious Sensuality Level 2 takes off where Level 1 ends and goes deeper into the heart of sensuality, personal transformation, sexual awareness and empowerment. We use meditation, bioenergetics, emotional release work and other processes to support this work. We step into being practitioners and learn how to hold space for another’s intimate journey as we build trust in confidence in our ability to guide.

We focus on rituals that transform numbness and pain into pleasure, as well as work that expands our capacity as erotic energy beings. We take the time to practice, again and again, so we can ground into our experiences and absorb the energy and consciousness of our experiences as our own.

We also dive deeply into shadow and projection, into our primal essence and our spiritual inspiration. To support this we focus on opening our central channel, from sex to spirit. We grow in awareness of the inter-relationship between the personal, the interpersonal and the transpersonal.

We will utilize shamanic ceremonies of power, expose our vulnerabilities and claim our power and truth.

Course Content:

Ceremonies of Power
Practice Sessions
Sexual Awareness and Emotional Anatomy
Ethics and Energy
Archetypal Relationship forms and rituals for healing and empowerment
History of Sex-Positive Cultures & Communities/Sustainability and Social Permaculture
Erotic Energy Integration, Absorption and Grounding
Sexual health practices
Personal/Interpersonal/Transpersonal Relating Light and Shadow Aspects

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