Sessions and Coaching

Conscious Sensuality Sessions and Coaching are an opportunity for individuals and couples to explore conscious sensuality in a private setting and focus on their particular goals and issues.  Sessions and coaching can be either in-person or via phone or skype.

These sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for you to experience conscious sensuality that can have profound results for your life.  The techniques and methods have helped many people to have greater awareness of their bodies, relationships, emotions, sexuality, communication and spirituality.

A typical initial in-person session may include:

– Intake form review

– Conscious Emotional Release process

– Touch is based on lomi-lomi, thai,  pelvic release and cranial sacral modalities

– Integration Phase with intentions, referrals, scheduling, homework

Recommendation for the first in-person session is a minimum of two hours unless the session is an intake review and emotional release without bodywork.  Be prepared that you may wish to extend your session by an hour or two and do not schedule another event immediately after your session so you have time to integrate your experience.

Recommendation for Skype sessions is to make a commitment to 5 or 10 sessions over a period of weeks or months for full benefit.  Skype sessions may also include homework, recommended reading and additional practices.

Contact us to ask for a full client intake package including pricing and availability.

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