We are a global community focused on personal growth and planetary transformation through cultivating body & emotional awareness, mindfulness and communication skills, authentic sexuality, and ecological community living.

The Institute for Conscious Sensuality was created with the inspiration to offer education and professional training to empower people as practitioners, facilitators and leaders.  We draw upon our training and knowledge of: meditation, yoga, dance, tantra, shamanism, taoism, massage, psychotherapy, permaculture as well as other schools and lineages.

The workshops, events and training programs we offer are an opportunity to explore the principles and practices of Conscious Sensuality within a group setting. These events are experiential in nature and are designed to bring greater awareness, healing, empowerment and skills to the participants. The practices, exercises and rituals are held in a loving, meditative manner that encourages pausing, breathing, feeling and sharing in ways that support everyone to move beyond default patterns of thought and behavior. Whether you come as a single or a couple, the focus is on our primary relationship with ourselves.

We employ a variety of meditation and practical consciousness-raising practices that you can use in daily life and your on-going relationships. We welcome people of all genders, orientations, ages, relationship modes and spiritual paths.  We all want love, safety, pleasure and purpose in our lives.

Conscious Sensuality sessions, coaching and online courses are an opportunity for individuals and couples to explore this path in a private setting and focus on their particular goals and issues. The techniques and methods employed have helped many people to have greater awareness of their bodies, relationships, emotions, sexuality, communication and spirituality. The aim is to support you in your journey of healing and empowerment, facilitating the personal breakthroughs and lasting change you desire in your life!